hi there

I am…

  • a photographer.
  • a triathlon lover.
  • a mom to four amazing kids.
  • a wife to Jon.
  • a writer of life.


One day several years ago, I realized that I spent too much time wishing for different, hoping for change. All while hiding, sitting on my couch, and sometimes feeling envious of others who were creating amazing lives.

I am an English major who was afraid to read for fear of picking the wrong book, who was afraid to write for fear of the uneasy beginning. So I didn’t read much or write for a long time. I still struggle with this.

I had always longed to learn to take amazing pictures, but I was afraid of the process of learning. And especially terrified of making mistakes.

It used to be that pushing the shutter button on the camera, that starting a piece of writing, that going out on a run almost paralyzed me. But I’ve found that pushing past the fear whether in photography, writing, running, in life, is the only way to meet yourself as you truly are.

So in this space, you’ll find me chasing the light. Of life. Of loving who I am. Of capturing and touching amazing moments in many different ways.

Because really, we should all be able to bask in the sun.

Please visit my website to view more of my photography work and inquire about sessions!

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