Shooting For Me | Personal

When I first started this photography journey, it began with capturing our lives. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll remember our weekly photowalks and my struggle with being brave enough to just push the shutter button. Over the last two years, the habit of shooting for me, shooting our personal lives, and capturing our memories hasΒ fallen away. Throughout 2015, I was consumed with growing my technical ability, my business, and my presence in the industry. I went to workshops, drove hours to second shoot with an amazing photographer, second shot locally over 20 times for several great photographers, and shot several of my own weddings, portrait sessions, and styled shoots.

It definitely was a year of growth, and while I don’t regret investing so much time and energy into those choices, I’m looking forward to a year of better balance in 2016. I have many amazing projects and a brand new direction for my business that I am so excited about, but personally, I am really happy to have begun my own version of a 365 project. I at first felt pressured to take an amazing picture each day, but honestly, it hasn’t been every day and sometimes it’s not necessarily amazing. And that’s okay. What is important is that my camera is out, I’m capturing memories, and I’m pushing myself creatively at least a few times a week for personal. I probably won’t get to 365 unique images by the end of 2016, but I will have an amazing collection of images showcasing our lives, day-to-day.

Here is a sample of what we’ve been up to so far! I’m trying very hard to not set up moments, but to lurk and capture them instead. But at the same time, when the urge to be creative strikes, I am creating more intentional compositions and posed shots. I love the combination! <3

virginia-beach-family-photographer_0049virginia-beach-family-photographer_0050virginia-beach-family-photographer_0052virginia-beach-family-photographer_0051virginia-beach-family-photographer_0054virginia-beach-family-photographer_0053virginia-beach-family-photographer_0057virginia-beach-family-photographer_0060virginia-beach-family-photographer_0055virginia-beach-family-photographer_0061virginia-beach-family-photographer_0056virginia-beach-family-photographer_0058virginia-beach-family-photographer_0063virginia-beach-family-photographer_0062virginia-beach-family-photographer_0059virginia-beach-family-photographer_0064virginia-beach-family-photographer_0065virginia-beach-family-photographer_0066virginia-beach-family-photographer_0067virginia-beach-family-photographer_0068virginia-beach-family-photographer_0069virginia-beach-family-photographer_0070virginia-beach-family-photographer_0071virginia-beach-family-photographer_0072I love, love, love grain! And I’m finally embracing it, so I cranked the ISO here and shot Pacey’s soccer game. <3virginia-beach-family-photographer_0073virginia-beach-family-photographer_0074